+leads organizations

+ develops award-winning programs (watch video) and projects

+ drives community change projects (related papers in-progress)

+ designs innovative public-private partnerships

+ speaks on education reform (listen here) and STEM education

+ consults on non-profit and program development

+ coaches community and organization leaders

+ mentors young professionals and students

+ serves on boards and committees

+ organizer for social justice, community development, and STEM entrepreneurship (watch video)

Your solution starts here. As a consultant and non-profit executive, I have over 15 years of experience in design and strategic execution of programs and public-private partnerships. My experience and passion centers on bringing together diverse teams of talented professionals (i.e. engineers, teachers, professors, lawyers, educators) to create solutions that have measurable value for clients and stakeholders. [More on services]

For people who already have great products, programs, and outcomes, I work with them to discover creative ways to deepen their impact through effectively leveraging data, research, strategic partnerships, narratives, and digital media.

Need help with your program, business, or organization? Let’s talk about how we can work together on your project.

Email: info [at] zithri.com

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Zithri Ahmed Saleem